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Cooling Vest
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Cooling Vest

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The ultimate lightweight body cooling vest weighing approx 1kg when activated the vest helps to keep you cool while you work, play or train. Designed to be worn against the skin, over or under a layer of clothing, the cooling vest should be a firm fit. Please check chest measurements for sizings. Fully washable. Can be used frozen, chilled or even heated.

The vest is used by elite sports people all around the world.  They are worn by the USA team at the Olympics, in the Tour de France, most top Olympic nations, Australia, USA, China, Germany and so on, Mountain Biking, Rowing, Formula 1, V* Supercars, crickets, AFL, Ironman, track and field, softball. If an elite sports people are training or competing in the heat then chances are they will be using the cooling vest.

The cooling vest helps to cool and stabilise body core temperature and reduce skin temperatures, this allows the body to focus on performance rather than cooling. 

Please note this is not an evaporative cooling vest - evaporative cooling vests provide much less cooling (please see our other listings for evaporative vests.) The cooling vest will work in any condition.

Also please note that the cooling vest weighs around 1kg any competing product with replaceable packs will weight 2 to 3 times are much and be bulkier.

Chest (inches)

XS 33

S 35

M 37

L 39

XL 41

XXL 43

3XL 45

4XL 47

5XL 49

Please ensure that you select the correct size, The cooling vest should be a firm fit to ensure it is touching your body (to cool you) and so that it doesnt move about.

When not being used the cooling vest should be either frozen or left to dry out in an airy place. If you leave the moist/wet without sufficient airflow it will become mouldy just like any other item of clothing would.

Can be machine washed on short front loader cycle.

Designed to be worn against the skin or close to the skin